Don’t Do It Man

Blogging is so 2000’s though, ya know?


I’m not a philosopher

First, I should totally get a different picture because, oh my god, I don’t like seeing a giant, blown-up version of my face whenever I post a new blog. Second, about this whole blog thing; I really, really don’t like to mention this but I tend to often have an existential crisis about once or […]

Too Little, Too Late

I was so hyped to make this blog and wanted to write something new everyday for a week after I made it. Now I’m just faced with writers block. What am I supposed to write? It was supposed to be therapeutic but now…I’m loving life, all I really wanted to get out there was my […]

Of course that would happen

So in my last blogĀ I mentioned how I hardly spend any time on Facebook anymore only to find myself spending a LOT more time on Facebook since then. So what’s new in my mind lately? Well…owning a house is so much more than just having a place to relax or live at. You gotta do […]

What have I done to myself?

Another quick (and maybe short) blog. I think I’ve cut my Facebook time down to under 30-45 minutes per day. I could also just be patting myself on the back and not counting an hour or something. So…we’ll call it an hour, I really don’t think I spend much more than that on Facebook per […]