I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords

Technology is so cool. You hold more computing power in your phone than the entire spaceship that landed on the moon had. That same phone can take pictures that wouldn’t fit on the first hard drives in the 1940’s and ’50’s. I made a 3D rendered basic video game in a few hours compared to the development and time it took to make Pong.

Technology is also terrifying. Adobe (the people behind PhotoShop and Acrobat) are developing voice technology that can change what you say and even make you say something although you never said it. It’s called ‘VoCo’ if you want to Google it. Facial recognition software can, not only recognize you from anywhere, but can be manipulated to create a video of you doing or saying something you never said. What PhotoShop did in the 1990’s and early 2000’s is what video and voice technology are going to do in the coming decades.

Every job is at risk. Nearly every job. There are already robots writing news articles. There’s robots taking your money at the grocery store or hardware store or where ever you might be shopping lately. They already land planes and takeoff from airports. Some robots are driving cars.

There is so much wonderful and frightening potential. I keep trying to learn to code but I also keep trying to learn other things too, like the video game thing, the three languages I also want to learn. If only I’d just sit down and focus on one. At least I’ve got a robot that sweeps my floor…when I remember to clean it and tell it to.

I don’t know man, it’s creeping up on us and I’m very excited and very concerned all at the same time. I got a new smartphone and downloaded a bunch of apps. ‘This app would like access to your photos, videos, voice recordings, location, marital status and eating habits. Would you like to continue?’ Uh…OK, I guess.

I made an Instagram so I think I can get the hang of that. I suppose I’ll tweet more too. Both of those seem built around carrying your phone with you everywhere you go. We’re heading for a brave new world and there’s so much I want to say about it but I’m still just rambling on so I’ll stop for now.


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