Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

More specifically, where the hell have I gone? I dunno, I do stuff. Mostly work but hey, it’s still ‘stuff.’

No, I guess I don’t have a really great excuse for not writing a blog. Probably because there’s not much that’s weighing on my mind like politics or death or sonder or what have you.

I am back into a mode where I just can’t know enough things. CSS? Going to take a course online (<3 Udacity). Network+ certification? Free course at work. Icelandic? The whole country of Iceland has a free online course that, supposedly, can get you to a C1 level of speaking (Google it, I’m not your mama). Why Icelandic? Because I got a game on Steam called Jotun: Valhalla Edition which, despite the game company being in Canada, has strictly Icelandic voice acting. Also, I now want to learn how to make games in the Unity engine, which there are also free courses online for. Oh yeah and WordPress websites. I can probably make one now. Maybe. I haven’t tried yet but I’ve got the gist of it.

Oh! Lisa did start her online store! She sells handmade, scented soap!


Go! Do the thing! You’ll love it, I swear!

So I guess that’s what I’ve been doing since my last blog. Including social stuff that no one else outside of those who attend said social gatherings would really care about. Funny story; Lisa remarked on how she was both happy that we had no plans in the next week but also sad because she’d gotten used to going out and seeing people. I feel the same way.

What’s on the horizon though? Putt-putt golf with a bunch of Democrats next week. Then possibly a protest/march. Maybe. Then I think another statewide Democratic meeting followed by a total solar eclipse. Or…is one before the other? I don’t know, my calendar on the wall only has 5 weeks on it so I have no idea what’s happening farther than 2 weeks from now. Either way, that’s it. That’s my life for now.



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