Day 2.2: That Dem Party


This one’s a little shorter, I don’t want to give anyone something too long to read.

After we had lunch we went to the State Central Committee meeting. That’s where I was officially seated as an alternate delegate, everyone there voted for me and everything. It was cool. I don’t think I’ve ever lost an election. Man, I’m so awesome (sarcasm). Anyway, as an alternate delegate I don’t get a say in anything, I just get to show up and maybe get to vote for things if the primary doesn’t show up. It’d be like if you’re congressman had a backup congressman. That’s my position. The actual delegate is an alright guy too. I had the option of just taking the delegate position myself but he was the previous alternate and dutifully showed up to every meeting, alone. I didn’t feel right about trying to take that away from him, he’s passionate in his own way.

Enough about me though! The meeting itself was pretty damn good. Every resolution brought forward passed, pretty much unanimously, including a resolution stating that it’s the NDP’s belief that the unincorporated town of Whiteclay and the small area around it should be returned to the Pine Ridge reservation. All it would take is a presidential Executive Order! There were some others but were either minor or so popular that I didn’t bother remembering them.

There was one resolution though. One simple resolution that just had to put someone’s boxers in a bunch. Now…to get a little nerdy, the bylaws state that “the State Chair shall call at least four (4) regular meetings each year scheduled among the Congressional Districts on an equitable basis.”

Four meetings per year. We had 3 in 2016 and because of a snow storm in December the 4th meeting was held in January. There was a motion put forward by a really hot chick to consider the future October meeting of 2017 as the 4th meeting of this year. That was just too much to ask though because rules. Brace yourself, I’m about to furiously type this next bit: Is a year defined as the calendar year or a 365 day time span? Are we having meetings quarterly or just whenever the Chair says we should meet? What about the three we had in 2016? Are we going to call up the previous chair and be like, ‘yo, you violated the bylaws.’ No! Of course not, there’s no mechanism for punishment for that. Maybe there is. I don’t know. I just know that it’s pretty damn ridiculous for us to have to attend a fifth meeting of the calendar year even when we asked not to.

Now why are we having it? The motion was to consider October the 4th meeting, it was voted on by the SCC members present 30-31 that it would not be considered the 4th meeting. Maybe I should’ve said something, I don’t know. All I want to know is what is the definition of ‘year’ in the bylaws? Blargh!!! I’m way more worked up about that than I should be. I really am.

After all that though, we departed the high school and headed back to the cabin for some after-meeting party prep. Originally, we had about a dozen people RSVP to our Facebook event in our super-secret-squirrel progressive group. About 40 people showed up. Someone leaked it (I know who you are!) and a bunch of people showed up and drank beer and ate chicken and tofu dogs and potato salad. It was awesome. I haven’t had that much fun in a while.

Really though, my new mantra:

Good people make for good parties. Politically and festively.

We headed back to Omaha the next day.


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