Of course that would happen

So in my last blog I mentioned how I hardly spend any time on Facebook anymore only to find myself spending a LOT more time on Facebook since then.

So what’s new in my mind lately? Well…owning a house is so much more than just having a place to relax or live at. You gotta do all the things yourself. I mean, you can pay someone…but am I really going to pay some guy $30/hour + $25 in parts just to do something I can watch a YouTube video for and pay $15 in parts? No.

I bring this all up because a few weeks ago my outside light to one of my doors fell off when I nudged it. I went to pick it up off the ground and it just broke into many pieces in my hand. Southern facing piece of outdoor plastic will die if given enough time. Anyway, I replaced it with a $25 glass and metal LED light today. It looks better, saves more energy and shuts itself off when there’s enough light. In addition to that there was a hail storm not too long ago that broke the plastic around our living room window outside which allows water to seep in every time it rains…ugh. The worst of that is that it’s such a cheap piece to replace that it’s not even worth it to call my insurance agent on and it’s a specially made piece of plastic the must come from the manufacturer who hasn’t returned my phone calls. Did I mention ‘ugh?’ So a window guy told me to just caulk around the affected area and call it good. Which is what I’m going to do. Oh! Then there’s the shower and the floor and the ‘skylight’ and the leaky faucet and the faucet that doesn’t turn on all the way and the wobbly faucets and the slow drain followed by the broken outlet and the unpainted ceiling. It just piles up and up and up. Then, most of the time, it turns into this:


That’s what’s on my mind right this second. Not the Gorsuch hearings or the Comey hearings or the latest and greatest Nebraska Democratic Party get-together. Fixing my house.



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