Who Would’ve Thought?

So I didn’t expect to just not have anything to write about after that last blog. Damn, that was a really satisfying get-off-my-chest sort of thing though.

Anyway…you ever just let yourself down? Like, if you make an appointment or plan on something that’s solely for you and just not do it? I did that today and I felt both dumb and bad. It wasn’t anything major, just testifying in support of a bill in the Nebraska legislature. I could’ve done all the right and responsible things leading up to it but I didn’t. I could’ve realized my mistake early on and just wrote an email, like I do for most bills, but I didn’t do that either. Ah well. Moving on…

I like competitive games despite not being a very competitive person. That’s that bleeding heart showing through; I’m happy everyone got to play. I’m not happy I’m so terrible at these games though because I feel bad for people who have to play with me and lose.

This week I tried streaming my games and, while learning the ins-and-outs of that, I learned that I’m ‘obnoxious’ so I’ll save my streaming time for when I can’t/won’t bother anyone around me. Oh! Listening to music on Spotify in the background doesn’t jive well with the YouTube copyright cops so I don’t get all the benefits that I don’t already get from people not watching my videos.You can check out the YouTube and twitch.tv channels for those embarrassing experiences.  Especially DOTA…I am so bad at that game. So Bad.

Have you figured out the reason I let myself down yet? It was video games. It’s kinda what I do when I have days off. OK, so…not ‘kinda,’ it is what I do. Lisa started playing Stardew Valley which is fun to watch. She has a cat and can pet the cat in the game. It’s great. That’s not really a selling point I’m trying to make, it’s just something that I enjoy.

That’s all for now I guess. I didn’t want to leave you hanging if you’ve decided to follow my occasional stream of thoughts, for whatever reason.


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