Back Again

I made a new blog. Look at me go! Yes, I had one before on MySpace but I stopped using it because, well…we all did.  WordPress is a thing though and in my efforts to find the perfect online-store-creating website for my perfect wife I stumbled onto WordPress. I’m not sure if this is exactly the place to go for blogging but I’ve missed it so I’m going to go with it.

So…what the hell? Where do I even begin? I used to blog just as a sort of therapeutic release. I always felt good when I finished because I vomited a thought onto the screen and didn’t have an itch to scratch anymore. So yeah…

I guess I could talk about how deeply involved in politics I became or how much of a beer snob I’ve become. I think I was still in the military when I stopped writing a blog. A lot has changed. Most of my beer snobbery has been documented on YouTube. I do have a family that, in ten short years, have already grown up and moved on-ish. I have my lovely wife. Which is nice. Being lovely and all. I have a lot of really cool friends I’ve made in the last year. Thanks Bernie Sanders. I have my job which I do. Which I’ve been doing. For ever. I went to college, which was OK. I got a degree, which was totally cool.

That’s a very, very brief summation of the last decade of my life. That’s it though for now. I’ve got so much I want to write about but I can’t focus on any one thing other than introducing this new medium of Me.


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